Glow Wherever You Go.

Neon is blazing a trail with red-hot rides for the next generation.

Turbo-charged with vibrant LED lights and electric technology, we’re pushing the limits of design to make the coolest products ever!



To innovate at the speed of light! We’ll move at breakneck speeds to imagine revolutionary designs that are totally unlike anything else out there.

And we’ll break the rules to create new products that fill us with adrenaline and excitement.



We are the future. After years of experience in the toy industry (and many, many trips around the block) we’ve seen it all – from the latest scooter craze to novelty heel skates. We know how to make exciting lightning-fast rides and we’re full of bright ideas for how to make them even more futuristic!



We come up with radical ideas and we make them happen. Think electric powered (and kid powered) rides with fluorescent LED lighting, decked out with insane graphics that look totally out of this world. So far we’ve sold over 1 million of our iconic NEON Street Rollers and rolled out powerful illuminated LED decks with our scooters, packed in extra oomph with our electric rides!