What we do for you to be more awesome

We’re here to help you look cooler, have more fun, and enjoy life as much as possible with our magic NEON touch. Show off how awesome you are and stand out in the crowd with epic street fashion and fun rides. Experience adrenaline and excitement with fresh, turbo-charged designs, LED lights and electric technology.

Let’s be friends

You’re fun, you love action and you’re just as crazy as we are – we’re going to make an awesome team. Get in touch with us on our social channels, we can’t wait to see your cool pictures and videos. We’ve got some cool stuff to share too, like scooters, skateboards, street rollers and Nitro 8, so make sure you check us out.

What’s next?

It’s no secret that we’re always coming up with radical new gadgets. Our elite designers are finding ways to use more lights, more style and more NEON in our crazy, electric, eye-catching designs. We can’t wait to show you the next LED sneaker, electric scooter, revolutionary ride-ons, electric skateboards and much more!